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Principal Investigator

Patrick J. Brennan, MD, PhD
Associate Physician in Allergy & Immunology | Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Assistant Professor of Medicine | Harvard Medical School

Patrick did his MD and PhD and the University of Pennsylvania before coming to Brigham and Women’s Hospital for training in Medicine and Allergy & Immunology.  In addition to running the lab, Patrick sees patients in Allergy & Immunology clinic.

Lab Members

Rafael Barbosa, PhD

Rafael is a postdoctoral researcher who has previously worked in vaccine development, malaria research, and γδ T cell biology. Rafael is studying the shared mechanisms underlying the ‘poised’ innate phenotype in effector T cell populations including iNKT cells, MAIT cells, γδ T cell and NK cells.

Kate_Larabee Tuttle

Kate Larabee Tuttle, MD

Kate is an Allergy & Immunology fellow at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  Kate is interested in using both basic science and clinical approaches to develop new therapeutic approaches for asthma and nasal polyposis.  Currently, she is studying the role of prostaglandin production by human T cells in regulating Th2 effector functions.


Alex Mola

Alex is a technician in the laboratory. Alex works on several projects in the lab and has championed lipid antigen discovery efforts. He has used traditional lipid chemistry approaches coupled with mass spectrometry to identify novel lipid antigens for iNKT cells.


Yingmeng Ni, MD, PhD

Yingmeng is a physician scientist with training in pulmonology. Yingmeng is interested in the communication between Th2 T cells and the respiratory epithelium.  She is studying novel Th2 effector pathways uncovered using single-cell RNA-seq from human tissue.

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